Fun with African Design Stencils
folk designs: tribal and ox masks, calabash carving, Ashanti carved head, and more add  exotic touches to walls, floors, furniture, bedding, lamp shades.

Simply Safari
Safari - which means journey in Swahili - conjures exotic images: romantic treks across desert plains rife with wild animals, journeys through dense jungles and down winding rivers, and the stylish indulgence popularized by early explorers like Captain William Cornwallis and depicted in movies like Out of Africa. Sumptuous photographs and inspiring text will entice those who want to transform their homes--whether city apartments or rambling country spreads - into exotic retreats that call to mind these breathtaking African locales. filled with dreamy mosquito netted fantasy rooms - A must for anyone with rustic/tribal/colonial sort of tendencies.

Safari Style
If you loved the interiors depicted in such films as Out of Africa, Queenie, and The English Patient, you'll adore the interior design of Safari Style. More than a few animal-print pillows and some swags of mosquito netting; it's about Old World elegance, pleasures of exotic travel, even if we only get to enjoy it from the comforts of a cushy mudcloth-covered armchair. Everything from salvaged heavy teak wood platform beds with misquote netting, baskets and carved masks in very rustic bedroom settings, to contemporary eclectic dining rooms with ever so slight touches of favorite and hard to find African objects strewn within more modern houses.


Give the bedroom an Out of Africa treatment
Where the wild animals roam
Decorating decor ideas to help create your safari jungle theme room
Create wild animal print themed rooms ... and bring the wild African safari animals to your walls ... with safari murals and safari animal wall decals.

Decorate your safari themed bedroom, dorm, home, office, bathroom or playroom with animal print decor and novelty tribal decorative  accessories.

Make it a fun  rainforest jungle  theme room for the kids, colorful happy animal zoo for the baby nursery, wild and funky zebra stripes  for teens, and for the adults bring in  a touch of romantic tropical safari style elegance to your exotic retreat.

Paint and decorate with earthy color schemes and bring the feel of the jungle home. Have fun with the animal print and dress up the headboard and enhance your bed with novelty safari or jungle theme bedding and add an exotic touch with a sheer canopy. Animal print accents mixed with more traditional fabrics will add fun to any room.
Accent the bedrooms with tribal style furnishings and unique decor accessories. Dark solid wood, woven rattan and bamboo  will work well in the jungle inspired bedroom. Even if a safari adventure is just a dream for now, you can easily add some jungle drama with raffia walls,  and floors with african inspired rugs - leopard spots, zebra stripes, tiger-print designs in faux fur or opt for natural woven textures.
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Decorating ideas for exotic jungle safari theme room -  animal prints for your bedroom - African safari theme -  safari animal kids room - Safari theme decorating decor ideas - safari style can bring the exotic to a room
Decorating ideas for exotic jungle safari theme room -  animal prints for your bedroom - African safari theme -  safari animal kids room - Safari theme decorating decor ideas - safari style can bring the exotic to a room
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   Safari theme bedroom  decorating ideas
Decorating  Safari  Themed  Bedrooms
For  Adults and Children
Safari Bedroom Decor Ideas - Expand your horizons and beautify your living space. Printed on heavyweight billboard stock, this attractive Photo Wall Mural is easy to install. Comes with a packet of wallpaper paste included. Can either be pasted to the wall or, more easily, hung like posters. Add that feeling of spave and color....put a mural on your accent wall. Comes in four panels. Decorate a Room with a Safari Theme. jungle-themed decorating ideas. A sunset scene of charming giraffes and acacia trees create a calming view in the african safari bedroom.

Leopard Print Wall and Floor Stencils to create fun Safari themed bedrooms
Giraffe Print - Leopard Print
Wall and Floor Stencils

Giraffe Print Wall and Floor Stencils - Safari themed bedrooms
For thousands of travelers, "safari" means vacation memories of a lifetime. This stunning, 200-page tour brings the reader through the greatest safari regions of Africa. Animals, landscape, light, movement; these elements define a safari adventure. Yet in each corner of Africa, a different scenario unfolds. What makes an elephant look different at the base of Kilimanjaro from an elephant in the marshes of Okavango? Why does a lion on the plains of Masai Mara look nothing like his counterpart on the plains of Etosha? How is a camp pitched in Zambia different from a lodge built in Kenya? Safari shows us the many faces of African countries renowned for their safaris: South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Kenya, and Tanzania.

photographs of natural wildlands and wildlife taken by Art Wolfe. A few pictures of African tribes people are also to be found amidst captures of lions, elephants, monkeys, pelicans, and so much more. Africa is recommended for armchair travelers, nature lovers, and anyone with an interest in the majestic splendor and majesty of the African wildlands.

Chic ombre-like patterning features dramatic zebra stripes at the panel's top that dissolve into luscious leopard spots at the bottom.  african safari home decorations
Giraffe lamp. At over five feet tall, our statuesque giraffe stretches to create a sculptural floor lamp seemingly fresh from an African safari! Replete with lifelike detail from gentle eyes to pert ears, our Basil Street exclusive quality designer resin animal statue is a scaled, 360-degree sculpt hand-painted in natural tones and crowned with a faux leather shade to cast the warm glow of Africa throughout your exotic decor.
Tribal design with the look and feel of carved wood
Add a tribal touch to any room with these stylized wall sculptures by Nigerian-born Okulaja, who trained at the prestigious Remo Div Art School. Hand-painted in the natural palette of Africa,
safari sunrise wall mural
at magic
Zulu Warriors of South Africa african safari bedroom decor  tribal room decor

Display handcarved wood figurines, tribal spears, traditional African clothing embellished with beads and jewels.

Add style and personality to your cabinets and furniture with novelty wild animal themed knobs and pulls.

And for the DIY decorator and
traveller, relive journeys of the past in images from postcards and stamps decoupaged onto leather and decorative boxes, vintage cases, and desk accessories.

African decor - african safari wall decor - african safari bedrooms
African mask african wall decor safari themed bedrooms
safari sunrise wall mural Carstens Gold Rush Bedding - A western bedding set in a palette of chocolate brown with leopard spot accents, the Carstens Gold Rush bedding ensemble will turn any bedroom into a soothing western inspired sanctuary but with a leopard print twist that adds the perfect touch.
wild animal print wallpaper - african safari bedroom decorating - african safari home decor
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Add exotic interest to any room with these authentic replica big-game trophies. At nearly a yard tall atop its faux marble plinth, our more humane version of the British Colonial big game hunter’s prize is almost as large as the original! Beautiful as art alone, this naturalistic decorative element is cast in quality designer resin and realistically hand-painted in faux ivory and brass. A single tusk is striking on a console in a safari themed bedroom or animal safari themed office. Jungle and safari theme room decor.
Ethnic African Style  THROW PILLOWS   tribal room decor
Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue - african safari home decor
Giraffe Animal Garden Statue  africa safari home decor
Hand-painted in the natural palette of Africa,
African savanna trophies hung on the richly paneled walls of British manors. Add nature’s artwork to your own walls with our trophy cast directly from a sun-bleached African animal skull. With majestic horns and natural beauty, cast in two-toned designer resin, this replica pays homage to this swift, sure-footed animal.
Safari Faux Fur Plush Throw Blankets - wild animal print home decor
Animal Print Faux  Throw Pillows - wild animal print home decor
Spice up your home decor with a unique chair. Safari chair is covered in zebra print fabric. From zebra print rugs to cow print rugs to leopard print rugs or a combination of several animal prints, you'll surely find what you're looking for. Exotic animal print is captured for the contemporary home in shades of brown. Woven in France of durable, heat-set polypropylene shag pile for years of use. Jungle safari theme decorating - animal print home decor.
Serengeti : Natural Order on the African Plain
Spending 18 months on the Serengeti Plain of eastern Africa, Iwago captures in nearly 300 extraordinary full-color images a world of calm beauty and quick violence, where the daily drama of life and death for over two million animals is played against a spectacular landscape.

The Circle of life : Wildlife on the African Savannah
Nature is frozen in its most dramatic moments here: a hyena carries off a dismembered  giraffe leg in a light so vivid that one can almost feel the grizzled, torn tendons; lions roar in the act of copulation in a blur that captures the fleeting moment; a martial eagle crouches over a bloody bit of fawn in a photo with startlingly beautiful, painterly colors. The landscape is alive in a photo of two lions watching a coming storm; a spotted hyena. Readers get anthropomorphized wildlife ("Females, it seems, are the shoppers, and males are the sellers") on a regular basis thanks to Animal Planet-not exactly original commentary, but the pictures are awe-inspiring nonetheless. The authors highlight the delicate interdependence of life forms, with a chapter called "Scavengers and Decomposers," and the images themselves argue for the preservation of this vital wilderness

Lion of the Prairies  Bedding Sets african safari bedroom decor
Beauty Nature of Giraffes and Elephants Walking on the River Print Duvet Cover Se  african safari bedroom decor
Leopard Printed 4 Piece Bedding Sets  african safari bedroom decor
Leopard Jaguar Print Bedding Sets  african safari bedroom decor
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african safari bedroom decor, african safari bedrooms, african safar bedding. African safari wall decals. African safari bedroom lighting
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safari bedroom decorating - wild animal safari theme bedrooms murals - Safari style accessories - african wall decor
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African Figure Sculpture Tribal Lady Figurine Statue Decor
British Colonial exotic safari theme bedroom furniture, safari bedroom decor
Wood Trunks safari style - British Colonial exotic safari theme bedroom ideas. safari decor
Add the flicker of candlelight to sculpture with our sconce that pays tribute to one of nature’s most splendid creatures. Our elephant sculpture is fraught with realistic details, from its soulful eyes to its trunk curled around the torch designed to hold your taper candle.
Add nature’s artwork to your wall with our trophy inspired by the rare Black Rhino. A relic from colonial Britian’s fascination with the wilds of Africa, our Toscano exclusive version celebrates this giant. With massive head and horns, it is cast in quality designer resin.. Safari bedroom decor
african sunset mural leopard print bedding safari bedroom ideas