10 Little Rubber Ducks Board Book
Get swept away on a high-seas voyage of discovery with 10 little rubber ducks as they float to every part of the world. The story opens at a factory where assembly-line workers are painting details onto bright yellow rubber ducks. The toys are then loaded onto a freighter destined for faraway countries. During a storm, 10 rubber ducks fall into the sea. Each one floats in a different direction - west, east, north, south, left, right, up, down, this way, and that way - and encounters a different animal (a dolphin, seal, polar bear, etc.). The 10th one meets a mother duck with her offspring and bobs along with them to their nest. The ducks all bid "Good night" to one another with a "Quack," while the newcomer says "Squeak!" (Children can press the page to hear a squeak.)

A yellow plastic duck narrates the story of his adventures on the ocean after a ship's crate loaded with bathtub toys is washed overboard. Along with some of the other toys, the duck is swallowed by a shark, then spit out even though he and his companions are "guaranteed nontoxic." Gradually, the toys are separated by wind and wave, and the duck journeys alone for months. Eventually, he is picked up by a schoolboy and logged in by scientists. An author's note explains the real-life incident that gave rise to the story as well as the science connection.  In the throes of the adventure, Ducky wishes he could do more than just float, that he could swim, or fly. But, by journey's end, safe and with a child of his own, the contented toy concludes, "How wondrous it is to be able to float!"

No More Diapers for Ducky!
No more diapers for me! Thatís what toddlers will proudly proclaim after they hear this appealing tale of a lovable duck who takes the big step. When Piggy canít come out to play because heís busy sitting on the potty, Ducky realizes itís time to grow up, too.

The Uglified Ducky
You may think you know the story of The Ugly Duckling, but think again. Every full moon in the Northern Piney Woods, the animals gather to hear Maynard Moose tell his Mother Moose Tales in "old Moose Speech." The glossary begins with a tongue-in-cheek "Parental Warning" about "moose grammar, spelling, and usage, all of which have been known to scrumble up the human brain!" Poor little moose wanders away and falls asleep in a nest with five ducky eggs. "Boy, I hope the other ones will turn out better" is Mommy Ducky's reaction when she sees him. The story line echoes Andersen's "The Ugly Duckling" as the "uglified ducky" tries his best to waddle, quack, and swim, with humorous results. Predictably, all ends well, and Maynard Moose closes his story with a twist on the usual moral: If you don't fit into your "famblyÖthat does not mean you are uglifiedÖ. It just means you have not found out what you really are yet.

Duck! Rabbit!
clever take on the age-old optical illusion: is it a duck or a rabbit? Depends on how you look at it. Readers will find more than just Amy Krouse Rosenthal's signature sense of humor here--there is also a subtle lesson for kids who don't know when to let go of an argument. This is a smart, simple story that will make readers of all ages eager to take a side, Duck! Rabbit! makes it easy to agree on at least one thing: reading it again!

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decorate the walls rubber ducky bedrooms - rubber-duck-theme-decorating-ideas-ducks-theme

Outdoor Bedroom decorating ideas
Splish splash, I was taking a bath!
Our sweet fluffy duckies are all decked out for some fun in the tub. So lets have a splashing good time
The ducky theme is a fun theme to create!!
The ducky theme will work well for
boys bedrooms, girls bedrooms, teens rooms, baby nursery and adults too.
Few creative ideas -

- Stripes  and Polka Dots
- Raindrops and Bubbles
- Water and Waves

Rubber Duck - Yellow Ducky
Duck Pond  with pond critters
Donald Duck - Daffy Duck
Ducks on the Farm
rubber duck kids bathroom rubber ducky theme - yellow ducky  kids bathroom
There are quite a few different options available to help you decorate the walls, from wallpaper borders, faux effect paint kits, wall  decals, wall murals, soft wall hangings, prints and posters.
rubber duck bedroom decor - Wall Decals  rubber duck bedroom decorating ideas

Splish splash, I was taking a bath! Our sweet fluffy duckies are all decked out for some fun in the tub. Comes with several ducks, big and small, as well as tons of light and airy bubbles.
Yellow Rubber Ducks Wall Decals  rubber duck bedroom decor
Rubber Duck Wall Decals  rubber duck bedroom decor
Duck Family Wall Decals  rubber duck bedroom decor
yellow feather boas
Add a touch of feathery fun - add some furry chic to your lamp shade.  Create a fun yellow ducky feather border. Dress up a large photo frame.  Dress up the curtain rod, trim a desk or chest of drawers.
For the baby nursery and toddler bedroom - decorate with cute baby ducks, yellow ducks, or rubber ducks,  flower garden theme or country farm theme with little duckies or Disneys Donald Duck, Beatrix Potters Jemima Puddle-Duck, all would look great.

Create a pond life in the bedroom or bathroom, with
trees - tree murals and tree props and/or  tree stickups, bring in a few pond critters - ducks, frogs, bees, dragonflies, scatter plush duckies, plush frogs. Hang a few decorative nylon butterflies.

For the bathroom - Rubber duckies splashing in water, fish, fluffy clouds,
water droplets, stripes, swirls, circles.

Either rooms
- stencil or freehand wall words splish splash, rub a dub dub, quack quack, lucky duck. Or hang  decorative wall letters to spell out
words or childs name.

Add a liitle whimsical fun .... accent the walls with bubbles.

Few decorating choices
paint the bubbles freehand, or take the easy way out ..... and accent with bubble wall decals.

Create 3D bubbles in your bathroom with clear glass pebbles hot glued to the wall or use clear drying craft glue.
Create 3D bubbles with clear glass pebbles
variety of  stripe  and  polka dot  wallpapers on etsy
Yellow Ducky Shower Curtain Hooks  Rubber Ducky Bathroom Decor Duck Bathroom Decor
Rubber Duckie Sconce  duck lighting rubber duck bedroom decor
duck chandelier rubber duck bedroom lighting  duckie decorations
Sunshine Stripes ducky chandelier shades  duck themed bedroom decor
Light Up with cute Duckie Decor!
Rubber Ducky Tub Treads rubber ducky bathroom decor

Decorate baby nursery rubber ducky style
Yellow Duck Toy Dolls
Daisey waddlemuch is our sweet 12-inch easter duck. Her design features shaggy chenille plush along with a bright spring plaid bow and an easter bonnet with a felt floral embellishment.
ducky bedding rubber duck bedding duck themed bedding
Ducky Dives In
Hereís a funny little story guaranteed to provoke giggles from younger boys and girls. Itís the story of little Mucky Ducky, who really loves mud. His idea of great fun is to jump and splash in the squishiest, squashiest mud puddle he can find. But Mommy Duck has different ideas about mud puddles. She wants to keep her little duckling out of mud and mischief. But how will she stop Mucky Ducky from splashing straight into the muddiest, squashiest puddle of them all?

Little Duck: Finger Puppet Book
A brightly colored finger puppet attached to each book peeks out from every spread. Sure to make a little one smile.

Just Ducky Baby Afghans: 8 Crochet Designs
Everyone loves a baby afghan! This wonderful leaflet is filled with seven beautiful ripple afghans for baby, plus a little white crocheted duck. It's perfect for the new baby!

Thumper and the Noisy Ducky
Thumper and his sisters are back for another charming adventure! This time, they're making friends with little yellow duckies. With irresistibly cute illustrations, lyrical text, and fuzzy flocking on every page, this board book is the perfect addition to any Easter basket.

rubber ducky baby blanket
Bubbles Peel and Stick Wall Decals
Create blue skies and fluffy clouds  with a Cloudy Blue Colorwash. All you need  is your choice of color walls and ceiling -  dilute the paint with water and wipe on with a rag or what about adding raindrops

clouds theme bedrooms rubber ducky
Yellow Duck Taking Bath Shower Curtain Mother Duck with Her Little Ones Bubbles for Kids Baby Bathroom Decor
Bubble Bath Tub Shower Curtain  Cute Yellow Duck Waves Bathroom Set  Yellow Duck Cartoon  Shower Curtain
Fabric shower curtains make great window curtains
Cute Duck Night Light  Duck Light Duck Lamp  duck lighting duck bedroom decor yellow duck bathrooms
Yellow Duck  Night Light rubber Duck Night Light rubber Duck bedroom decorations ducks theme
Duck Goose Night Light  Kids Room Light nursery rhyme goose table light duck bedroom decor
Rubber Duck Wall Decal  Bubble Bath Bubbles Wall Decals rubber duck wall decorations  Yellow Ducks Wall Decor Stickers  Happy Cartoon Duck with Buoys Peel and Stick Wall Decals
Tear Drop Shape
 Shower Curtain Hooks
Tear Drop Shape
 Shower Curtain Hooks
duck bathroom duckie bathroom ducky decor rubber duck decorations duck rugs duck curtains
Rubber Ducky Bedroom, Bathroom, Nursery decorating and decor
Rubber Ducky Books
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Rubber Ducks in a Row Pond Wall Sticker Decal   rubber duck bedroom decor yellow duck theme decor
duck footstool duck ottoman duck furniture duck decor rubber duck bedroom decor
duck Kids Chair Seat yellow duck Children Animal Plush duck Soft Backrest Sofa duck room decor
Yellow Ducky Drawer Pulls Knobs  rubber duck bedroom decor ducky decor yellow ducks
Give your home a ducky feel. Jazz up your cabinets, closet doors or furniture with cute ducky drawer pulls. Add the perfect touch to a kids ducky theme bathroom or baby's nursery. 
Duck Throw Pillow Covers Cute Animal Yellow Rubber Duck
Duck Throw Pillow Covers Cute Animal Yellow Rubber Duck
Duck Throw Pillow Covers Cute Animal Yellow Rubber Duck
Duck Duvet Cover duck bedding yellow duck bedding Kawaii Duck Aesthetic Bedding
Duck Duvet Cover duck bedding yellow duck bedding Kawaii Duck Aesthetic Bedding
Duck Duvet Cover duck bedding yellow duck bedding Kawaii Duck Aesthetic Bedding
Duck Duvet Cover duck bedding yellow duck bedding Kawaii Duck Aesthetic Bedding
Lotus table lamp  Duck figurines  White mid-century night stand   Wave wall decal sticker   Ducks in Grass Pond Reeds wall decals
Sun wall decal sticker   Wave wall decal sticker   Ducks in Grass Pond Reeds wall decals
Duck Ottoman Storage  plaid bedding   Blue round Rug
Yellow plaid bedding   Plush ducks
Spring meadow photo mural     Yellow duck Bedding flower shaped floor pillows  smiley flower rug duck bedroom ideas
Yellow duck bedding  Yellow duck pillows  duck figurines   Round side table
Daisy floor pillows  flower floor pillows smiley face rug
Yellow duck bedding  smiley face rug
Birch Tree Nursery Wall Decal   Duck Wall Decals
Cloud wall decals  yellow duck baby bedding yellow duck nursery decor  ducks on the pond wall decorations yellow duck plush  toys
Rubber Duckies & Flowers bedding  Picket Fence wall decal stickers   Plush ducks
Duck Wall Decals   Duck Family swimming wall decals  Sunflower Flowers Grass with Flying Butterfly Wall Decals  Green grass flower rug  Yellow Duck child seat
Yellow Ducks wall mural decals   rubber duck wall art  rubber duck prints rubber duck art rubber duck wall decor rubber ducks
Rubber Duck Bathroom Bubble Blue FRAMED ART PRINT
Yellow Ducks wall mural decals   rubber duck wall art  rubber duck prints rubber duck art rubber duck wall decor rubber ducks
Rubber Duck Bath Prints
Yellow Ducks wall mural decals   rubber duck wall art  rubber duck prints rubber duck art rubber duck wall decor rubber ducks
One Duck Stuck: A Mucky Ducky Counting Book
"Splish, clomp, pleep, plop, plunk, sloosh, slosh, slink, zing." Who can resist a read-aloud featuring sounds like these? When, "Down by the marsh, by the sleepy, slimy marsh, one duck gets stuck in the muck," who comes to the rescue? Two fish, splishing, for starters. Then three moose clomping, four crickets pleeping, and so on. Still, "No luck. Still stuck." It takes a whole lot of teamwork to get this particular stuck duck unstuck from the muck, but this cheerful bunch is definitely up to the task. From one duck to 10 dragonflies, the muddy fun never stops in Phyllis Root's chunky little board book. Young readers will giggle their way through the numbers, and by the time the duck's foot is released with a "Spluck!" counting will be a cinch.

Adventures of Ducky and Pippy
Little Ducky does not have it easy. He is last to hatch, last to peep, and last to learn to swim. He is afraid of water and heights, and on top of that, he stutters! His brothers make fun of him, and he soon becomes very discouraged. His sister Daisy steps in to help him. She knows just how kind and smart he is. But when they discover that Ducky needs glasses, even Daisyís not so sure the other ducklings will ever accept him. With his new goggle-glasses, Ducky quickly learns how to land and starts flying with the rest of the ducklings. Soon itís time to migrate and Duckyís worst fear comes true. He gets lost in migration! Ducky sets off to find his family, but instead, he meets Pippy, an adventurous young squirrel, who offers to take Ducky home with him. Lady, a feisty ladybug, tags along. Duckyís story and courage inspire Pippy. He wants to help Ducky migrate. Henry, a wise old turkey, is also inspired by Duckyís story. He too has a dream. His is to visit The Great Thanksgiving Turkey Memorial. He offers to chaperone their strange migration. Without knowing for sure if they will find Duckyís family, they set out on their big adventure. Along the way they learn the true value of friendship and family. With humor, heart, and lovable characters, The Adventures of Ducky and Pippy interweaves the big issues of childhood: bullying, fitting in, growing-up, and self-acceptance.