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The Man Cave Book
Great ideas on what to do with the Man Cave. Complete with instructions and insights into creating your own unique refuge and shrine to beer, sports, and everything else that's right with the world, this is an essential manual for any man cave enthusiast.

The Pink Panther Cocktail Party: Pink-a-licious Drinks to Seduce and Entertain

No bachelor pad, lounge, or luau is complete without a cocktail, and this handy hipster's recipe book includes five dozen of them, each inspired by everyone's favorite cool cat, the Pink Panther. The Clouseau blends bourbon, cherry liqueur, triple sec, and light cream for a scintillating drink that pays tribute to the bumbling but beloved inspector. The Phantom, aka the Sir Charles Cocktail, combines lemon-flavored vodka, triple sec, grapefruit juice, and fresh lemon for an appropriately sophisticated taste. Of course, the Panther himself is here in a variety of luscious libations, including some that are actually pink thanks to ingredients like pink lemonade and grapefruit juice. Colorful retro artwork by Shag adds to the fun, and the bonus CD expands the experience with video clips and songs from Virgin Records' "Pink Panther Penthouse Party."

The Bartender's Bible: 1001 Mixed Drinks. Everything You Need to Know to Set Up Your Bar
Mix Drinks Like A Pro with this indispensable handbook, the most thorough and thoroughly accessible 'bartending guide ever created for both professional and home use. Encyclopedic in scope and filled with clear, simple instructions, The Bartender's Bible includes information on:Stocking and equipping a bar'from liquors and mixers to condiments, garnishes, and equipment - Shot-by-shot recipes for over 1,000 cocktails and mixed drinks from bourbon to rum to whiskey - Wine drinks - Beer drinks - Nonalcoholic drinks - Special category drinks'tropical, classics, aperitifs, cordials, hot drinks, and party punches And more! If you've ever wondered whether to shake or stir a proper Martini, or what to do with those dusty bottles of flavored liqueurs, The Bartender's Bible is the only book you need!

Everything You Need to Know  Be a Master Bartender 500 Recipes
Cocktails are bigger than ever, and this is the first real cookbook for them, covering the entire breadth of this rich subject. The Craft of the Cocktail provides much more than merely the same old recipes: it delves into history, personalities, and anecdotes; it shows you how to set up a bar, master important techniques, and use tools correctly; and it delivers unique concoctions, many featuring Dale DeGroff’s signature use of fresh juices, as well as all the classics.

Holiday Cocktails
Great photos, great recipes, and best of all... great drinks. It includes plenty of classics... and some variations that taste and look beautiful. Like the Christmas Cosmo, Candy Cane Martini, White Christmas, and Grinch (an odd sort of drink in color and flavor but very amusing if you like Midori and want an excuse to eat maraschino cherries

Holiday Party Drinks
Not just eggnog: New Year’s champagne punches; Valentine’s Day drinks with heart-shaped ice cubes; summer daiquiris; red-white-and-blue layered drinks for national holidays; gummi worm martinis for Halloween; and of course mulled wine and hot toddies for winter holidays. In short, party drinks for every holiday!

The World Atlas of Wine
will deepen your pleasure in wines you enjoy, and guide you to wonderful visits to outstanding vineyards and wineries during your travels. Hopefully, your tasting experiences will benefit as a result! It begins with brief sections on the history of wine; basic facts about the influence of soil, temperature, varietals, wines, wine-making, storage, serving, and tasting; and has helpful information about how to read labels and interpret technical terms - wine-growing regions around the world - France - Italy - Germany - United States -  Spain - Australia has and many other countries are covered as well, including parts of the former Soviet Union, the Balkans, North Africa, South America, and smaller countries in Europe.

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Fans of pool won't find a cooler clock than this Billiards Chrome Finished Neon timekeeper. Featuring a green billiards face (1-12 small billiard balls with a big 8 ball in the middle), chrome finished blue neon, quartz movement clock, and all-American style. Great for gameroom or garage. Great 3 tiered art deco rim. Great clock! Neon lasts upwards of 10 years. mixed media neon plastic and glass.
Ice ahoy!! Gin and Titonic us guaranteed to be an unsinkable addition to your next party or boating launching! This reusable ice tray contains four icy Titanic ships and four menacing icebergs. Pair them up in your mixed drinks and re-create history. Go ahead… sink another round.
Tired of those tiny 6oz or even 4oz martinis; Upgrade to our giant martini glass. This massively giant martini glass holds an impressive 26oz of your favorite martini. Made of glass, this giant martini glass comes gift packaged in a clear gift box making it an excellent gift.
man cave decor
So ... let your man turn that room into his man cave manctuary .....

fun decorations for  in the garage, game room, bar or office
Perfect for an evening cigar on the back porch or pocket change on the bureau, these unique ashtrays feature a timeless textured bronzed finish over substantial, solid cast iron. Designed with that impossible-to-buy-for man in mind, this handsome piece means you can effortlessly upgrade his gift from the usual tacky tie to something distinctive and ever-useful
Dartboard Wood Cabinet Set-fun man cave wall decorations
Make a statement with your man cave  accessories and dress up the home bar,  games room and/or home cinema with unique decor.
Due to an extraordinarily high incident rate when men get together and start drinking, we've been forced to design a highly competitive alert system for all of those innocent bystanders. Bright yellow and not to be missed, this warning sign is the result of years of extensive field testing. Letting everyone know there are rowdy nights and good times ahead, this hilarious warning sign is one super-durable, rust resistant metal sign guaranteed to withstand even the most mischievous and raucous get togethers. Made in a unique process that doesn't use paint, the colors in this bright warning sign are the result of firing finely ground porcelain glass crystals at 1350 degrees, permanently fusing them to the 18-gauge steel plate and ensuring these metal signs are extremely weather and temperature resistant. Perfect for use indoors and out, these funny metal signs keep the mood light no matter what happens in the kitchen or on the grill!
Danger Men Drinking Warning Sign
at Home Wet Bar
Some themed
Man Cave ideas:

NFL Man Cave
Classic Car Man Cave
Rock 'n' Roll Man Cave
Irish Pub Man Cave
Retro Man Cave
Nautical Man Cave
Outdoorsman Man Cave
Cigar Lounge Man Cave
Home Theater Man Cave
Las Vegas Casino Man Cave
or a Man Cave dedicated
to a favorite college, sport,
sport's team or hobby.
Roll out the Barrells with novelty barrell furniture  and create a  rustic vineyard  in the man cave where a bottle or glass of wine can be shared.
Looks great hanging behind any home bar
Cool, versatile, organic. High-concept furniture designed after a ‘Grand Vin de Champagne’ cork to use singly or in multiples.
Show Your True Fan Spirit with this great wall décor! Beautiful vibrant colors, and high quality thick vinyl are sure to make a statement in any room! Impress your friends - use in basements, child's room, game room, anywhere.
Show off a few fun man cave extras and  stand out novelty pieces - custom bar signs, oversized drink ware, fun seating and lighting.
Inspired by wine country artisans, these recycled bottles add rustic charm, varying a little in size and color.
Bring the movie theater 3D experience home - Bring that intense 3D movie experience home
Bring the movie theater into the man cave 3D style
Make a statement with your home bar accessories and stock up on unique
cocktail room decor
Perfect for themed drink parties and sharing among friends. Massively large margarita glass holds a quarter of a gallon (33oz). Made of glass, these giant extra large margarita glasses
Cocktail hour doesn't have to belong to the corner bar.  With the right decorating and bar  equipment, any hour can be happy hour in the comfort of your own home. Make it a fun room to hangout and relax
Illuminate your refined taste taste in whiskeys, vodkas, and rums with our light up liquor shelf. Featuring an enormous 3 tier design that accommodates 12-20 bottles of liquor, a spill safe exterior and wireless remote to control color, intensity, and lighting effects, set your home bar aglow with beautiful light from your liquor collection atop this bar shelf.
Show of the refined taste of your collection of whiskeys, vodkas, and rums with our light up liquor shelf. With plenty of space to accommodate 8-14 bottles of liquor, a spill safe exterior and wireless remote to control color, intensity, and lighting effects, set your home bar aglow with beautiful light from your liquor collection atop this bar shelf.
Reminiscent of the full-service days, but celebrating your ability to serve yourself, this antique-inspired gas pump liquor dispenser is the perfect pumped-up way to pour your “high octane” alcho-feuls. Featuring dual chambers that hold nearly a half gallon each, a silver toned ABS plastic body, and two 17” gas hoses, this liquor dispenser is the perfect way to pump up a smooth shot or craft a delicious cocktail. The easy vroom vroom way to serve your spirits, this gas pump drink dispenser ensures a relaxed host and happy guests.
Decorate your man cave - Design a man cave

Glass Beer Boot Mugs
Glamour Jewels Ice Cube Trays
Dahling...everyone knows that ice cubes are a girl's best friend! Just fill this food-grade flexi ice tray with water or any kind of juice, and freeze. Then pop out the three-dimensional COOL JEWELS and bling out your beverage! Freeze up a batch for your next party and spread the wealth!
Show who's in charge, who's got the engine dismantled, and who's tool collection's on display with this manly garage wall plaque. Available in four different hardy he-man color schemes, these custom outdoor metal plaques give your garage, rec-room, or workshop the perfect manhole touch. Hand casted out of environment-friendly recycled, rust-free aluminum, these custom metal signs are tough enough endure the rough and tumble life of your garage and also guaran-dange-teed to fare the outdoor elements with ease. This wall plaque measures 12” in diameter and features two lines of custom text across the top and bottom (and on both sides). Personalized garage hanging outdoor wall plaque arrives with mounting screws and price includes metal wall plaque and all personalization.
Unique mini fridge shaped like a Coca-Cola bottle
Bring a dull party back from the dead with the elegant spookiness of the Brainfreeze Glass Skull Ice Bucket! Make the super thick, crystal-clear glass construction of this skull ice bucket the ghoulish guest of honor at your next party. It has convenient handles on either side for easy carrying and fits up to 54 ounces of ice cubes for your haunted Halloween shindig or macabre movie night. If you're even reading this, it probably means a plain old ice pail isn't your style. Get the Brainfreeze Glass Skull Ice Bucket today and show the world that you really know how to use your head! In stock and ready to ship. Features: Made of thick crystal clear glass with handles on each side. Gives the beverage table at your party a little something different. Great for Halloween parties or zombie film festivals.
ukebox With CD: Radio, CD and function with a road house full of great memories! The fabulous 50s are back with a modern update! This Crosley Diner Jukebox packs AM/FM radio and CD functions into a classic jukebox style that will make you and your buddies wax nostalgic. Details: Front-loading CD player with LED display, programmable 20-track memory and repeat play; AM/FM radio with illuminated analog tuner; Dynamic full-range speakers for rich sound that really brings your music to life; Decorative musical playlist; Wall mountable;
The best way to go green is by just adding water! Water Powered Clock in bottle shape no batteries required. Tinted, transparent body displays the electrode plates that harness power from the water. Easy to remove pop-off cap for refilling water.
Now he can decorate the entrance to his man cave with our exclusive Man Cave Personalized Doormat. A perfect accent piece for the basement, garage or man cave.
Cook up your own wine country bistro. A retired oak wine barrel is transformed into a rustic and inviting bistro table. A pine tabletop is set at caf height for relaxed dining or quaffing. Theres a convenient cabinet to store glassware tableware or spirits bottles and a traditional bar rail adds to your comfort. Choose from an indoor only style or the outdoor weather protected model for entertaining guests outside. The specially-treated wood makes the weatherized version of the vintage oak furniture pieces suitable for outdoor use. NOTE: Indoor models are not to be used for outdoor purposes. Wood has not been treated to withstand weather and nature elements. Size: 42'H x 29'W
Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table - A retired oak wine barrel is transformed into a rustic and inviting bistro table. A pine tabletop is set at café height for relaxed dining or quaffing. There’s a convenient cabinet to store glassware, tableware or spirits bottles and a traditional bar rail adds to your comfort. I
Beautiful wine barrel table base with 28 bottle wine rack inside. Barrel is open on 2 ends and can load bottles from both directions. Table top is constructed from 4 wine barrel heads with original French stamps. Combo comes with 4 stools and a removable Lazy Susan. All wine barrel and wine barrel materials used in this combo are French Oak and are retired wine barrels from California wineries. The french stamps are from the various cooperage's that made the barrels.
Tuscany comes to your living room. A little corner of Italy, right in your home! Gather at this gorgeous half-bar repurposed from an actual oak winery barrel. Oak tabletop is set at cafe height for relaxed sipping.
Enjoy your favorite wine with a view of the Eiffel tower - without even travelling to France! Our regal crested Eiffel Tower white wine glass is a great gift for wine lovers, Francophiles, or anyone with an appreciation with unique and fun glassware. Featuring our regal pewter crest with the initial of your choice, this personalized wine glass captures the essence of the most beloved Paris landmark
Decorate your walls with themed murals, fun neon bar signs,
bar accents, wine, beer and spirit bottles, decorative  sculptures,    prints and posters, unique bulletin boards,  novelty clocks, mirrors
The Barrel Room mural  at murals your way
If the walls in your man cave, game room, home bar
are missing that certain something   ....   here is the perfect addition  ...  wall murals, available in a variety of themes, styles, sizes and prices.

They also make for  great backgrounds to your real bar.
What better way to brighten a room? Introducing the only "bottle of wine" to bring light as well as joy. Brushed metal wall mount with frosted glass cover accommodates a 60-watt bulb.
Decorate the man cave with a
HUGE SCREEN TV or a small screen
--Forget the local pub!
You and your friends will want to stay in your  home bar or game room after you've shopped our decor
Bullseye Appetizer Serving Tray & Picks - Bullseye Appetizer Serving Tray will keep your next party right on target! Inspired by the popular bar game, this round appetizer platter uses the numbers and rings of the classic dart board to bring colorful fun to your party food spread. This serving tray blows the competition away with 20 reusable picks, made in the shape of red and black darts, and better than toothpicks for holding together all your party snack favorites. Perfect for family game night at the dinner table, or guy’s night in the man cave, this appetizer platter measures 12” in diameter, and is dishwasher safe. The picks are 3” long, and hand washing is recommended.
Jack Daniels Wall Switch Plate
Man Cave Wall Switch Plate

at Home Wet Bar
For a gift that will add a manly accent to his man cave décor, look no further than our metal wall outlet plate. This heavy-duty wall outlet cover is made of metal and features the classic phrase “what happens in the cave, stays in the cave.” With a rustic, manly design, this is one man cave accessory he won't want to be without -  For the whiskey lover: our Jack Daniels wall outlet plate. This unique wall outlet cover is made of heavy-duty metal and features the signature black-and-white design of everyone's favorite Tennessee sour mash whiskey. He'll love adding this manly wall outlet plate to his man cave or home office.
Retired wine barrel head clock custom hand-carved up to 12 character’s plus 4 digit year. The perfect addition to any intimate tasting room.
This custom aluminum sign is incredibly durable, and covered in a weather-proof finish. Personalized with the name of your choice and featuring hammer and wrench detail, this outdoor wall plaque makes an excellent gift for those who respect their sacred work space
man cave posters man cave wall posters man cave wall plaques man cave wall decorations
with fun decorations
with fun decorations
Tire shaped coasters
Man Cave Light Switch Plate Cover Metal with Screws
Nothing says sophistication like a man in his study drinking whiskey ... oh wait .... we are decorating a man cave!

The owner of the Man Cave may be wanting a dominate theme or a mixture of themes for his Man Cave. 

man cave home bar decorating ideas. Game room decorating ideas man cave style ideas. Fun furniture man cave home bar.
Wine and Home Bar Cabinet
Globe Large Etched Glass Whiskey Bourbon Decanter