medieval gothic  theme bedroom decorating with - Knights -  Wizards - dragons - castle theme beds, Gothic medieval decor, stencils, camelot wallpaper murals, costumes, fairy tale bedrooms for teen girls, and more theme bedrooms...... The noble appearance and impeccable design on the lovely Camelot II will create a majestic ambience that is perfect for a princess, prince or king and queen of the castle
Medieval Decorating Ideas for The Enchanted  Court
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Knights -  dragons - castle beds -  murals - knights and dragons  theme bedrooms
medieval gothic  theme bedroom decorating with - Knights -  Wizards - dragons - castle theme beds, Gothic medieval decor, stencils, camelot wallpaper murals, costumes, fairy tale bedrooms for teen girls, and more theme bedrooms......
Medieval & Gothic Home Decor - medieval theme bedroom decorating ideas
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Theme Bedrooms
Use rich, tones with black accents and enriched with touches of gold.

wallpaper walls  with medieval motifs such as fleur de lys, trellis or stone blocks. Murals in biblical themes - scenes from histories and romances  -  hunting or the countryside.
Hang fabric all around the walls like curtains or use large tapestry or needlework designs or lengths of printed fabric  in alcoves or put a tapestry or needlework hanging over a fireplace. And don't forget the Stained glass windows.

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Italian armour has been highly sought after throughout the centuries by Knights and Nobility in Europe. Our superb reproduction of Medieval Armour is crafted in the styling tradition of those master craftsmen who created the origina for kings and their soldiers. This suit of wearable articulated armour has a highly desired blued plate finish duplicating the appearance of the medieval originals that can be seen today in museum collections around the world. This exquisitely crafted blued steel armour stands about 6-1/2 foot tall on a quality wood base. Complete with sword and stand.
Decorate the castle with medieval themed furnishings
hand crafted of solid walnut, with rich carved details and a warm, dark finish this beautiful wall accent is the perfect fit for two of your favorite medium sized medieval swords. Create an instantly authentic medieval display with this optimally, generous sized hand carved panoply. Perfect for your medieval den.
Plainly constructed chest, benches, box style armchairs, trestle tables as well as built in cupboards and seats.   Wood furniture  can be matt painted in brick red or dark
green, detailed with gold.

You could get away with furniture in pine if it is simply constructed.

Theme Bed
  - Castle Bed  -  Canopy Bed - Wrought Iron  bed - the most important piece of furniture back then was the bed, usually with a wooden canopy which in
medieval times was suspended from the ceiling.

his stately look is influenced by Moorish, Spanish and Gothic styles. The intricate metal scrollwork is made of handforged iron, and the handmade shades emit a soft radiance, appearing much like real candles.
Soft furnishings:
Tapestry style patterns and printed fabric designs of heraldic devices or stylized roses have a  suitable medival feel.

Woven damasks and brocade in rich colors and  cotton velvets in mellow glowing tones.

Rustic looking electric fixtures in wood and metal  -  Iron - Pewter  -  free standing or ceiling hung iron or wooden Candelabras -  Chandeliers -  romantic candlesticks.

Knights   -  medieval armor  -  Knights on horses  -  swords -  Shields   -   Crests   -   Flags  -  Ornamental crosses  -  Dragons -  Lions  -  medieval style goblets   -  Bowls  - Fleur de Lis - The fleur-de-lis has appeared on countless European coats of arms and flags over the centuries. It is a symbol of royalty, purity and chastity. 

brick wallpaper-medieval bedroom wallpaper-medieval bedroom wallpaper
Conjuring visions of the heavy-laden groaning boards at the Feast of Camelot, this Medieval-style vessel is ready to be filled to overflowing. Rising from a pert base, generously sloped sides are embellished, exclusively for Design Toscano, with sculptural fleur-de-lis and marks of the Gothic realm. Our designer resin work is hand-painted and brushed with accents of faux gold and silver for display.
ornate, fit-for-a-king piece will be the crowning glory of any room! - very masculine tradition of English antiques. Its immense claw feet rise, flanked by winged creatures and regal sentinels, in high relief. The leather, cushioned seat spans a full yard (room for two!), while the stately back stands almost 6 feet high,
For a variety of medieval style furniture and medieval style decor visit ....
Design Toscano
With turned bases showcasing beaded edges that rise up to sacred crowns, these substantial works of medieval art reveal ornate fretwork and intricate leaf and rosette details that will shine as you light your, up to 4" long, pillar candles.
stunning medieval Monk's Bench reproduced for us complete with all its rich, handcarved details. Clergy members used it to store vestments before the advent of closets. Both stylish and functional, this heavyweight, high-back bench with carved panels, provides seating for two, and deep storage for items such as fine linens, books or treasures from a bygone era.
Fleur De Lis Window Curtain Rods
With a striking burgundy cross and beautiful craftsmanship, this medieval inspired shield will give your home or office a classic look. The antique neutral crackle as a background to the cross provides a skillful contrast. As well, the solid brass rim frames the shield very nicely and allows for easy matching with home decor items.
bravery and strength reflected in the lion-emblazoned crest heralding England and Scotland during the Middle Ages is celebrated in this quality designer resin Toscano exclusive. Especially impressive in pairs, whether flanking a fireplace or entryway, the crowned king of beasts is hand-painted in antique gold and ancient green.
hand-forged iron lighting that combines old world European artisanship with modern sensibilities. Gothic, French, Mediterranean, and classical influences abound in these magnificent designs. This medieval chandelier design features an eye-catching scrolled iron frame punctuated by six iron "torches".
Antiqued Fleur de Lis Wall Mirror
Ritz by Jennifer Taylor is glamour personified! Rich colors are used to create an incredibly detailed medallion print. The Ritz comforter is trimmed with an embellished band with tassels that are also featured on the shams and some of the decorative pillows. Ritz decorative pillows features a square buttoned piece pillow, neckroll and a fancy tasseled neckroll. The euro shams feature a coordinated medallion print on a solid background. Ritz by Jennifer Taylor will leave a lasting impression! Ritz is done on a chocolate background.
Gothic Cathedral Arch Mirror
Design Toscano
Hang or lean against castle walls
For a variety of medieval style furniture and medieval style decor visit ....
Design Toscano
regal wall display crest with lion imagery will make any home a medieval castle. The included mounting hardware allows easy installation in the family room, home study, or office. Made of cast aluminum with a soft gold finish, this wall display adds an interesting accent to your home.
French are fascinated with their medieval history, as evidenced by these 19th century replicas now highly collected for decorating. We discovered the originals with a Paris antique dealer, and we recreated these quality foundry iron axes each cast with medieval motifs, then finished in a bronze patina.
Cast of iron and aged with an antique finish, this lion door knocker looks as if may have once stood watch upon an old castle door! This rustic aged lions head is surrounded by a band of braids!
Everything is more beautiful in candlelight! Ready to light any evening, this classically elegant symphony of light and scrollwork is an absolutely unparalleled romantic candlelight accent. You'll welcome the instant ambiance of candlelight with our wall-mounted, hand-crafted, matte black metal work of decorative art. Whether in the boudoir, bath, dining or formal living room, the flicker of your favorite candles makes this Design Toscano exclusive statement piece complete. A great wedding, anniversary or housewarming gift!
learn more about King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table - Castles and Life in medieval times.
The World of King Arthur
King Arthur, Camelot, Excalibur, Merlin, the Holy Grail, Lancelot, and Guinevere -  these names are some of the most recognizable and evocative in the cultural heritage of the West. They conjure up vibrant images of medieval Europe, of chivalry, and of romance. But did Arthur really exist, or is Camelot only a dream? Snyder traces the impact of Arthur throughout history, surprising the reader with the vastness of his contribution to the world's people. Even the modern concept of romantic love is ascribed to the evolution of his legends in Mediaeval Europe. An excellent survey of Arthur and his legacy from ancient Rome to modern Hollywood.

King Arthur : Dark Age Warrior and Mythic Hero
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table have captured the world's imagination since medieval times. The tales of King Arthur are rooted in history, but over the years the facts have become shrouded in myth and mystery.  Arthurian expert John Matthews explores the legends that have grown around the king and uncovers the mysteries of Arthur's Britain. •Covers Merlin, Guenevere, Lancelot, the Holy Grail, and all the mythic search for characters 

The Arthurian Handbook
Everything you ever wanted to know about King Arthur and his knights: It
offers both historical facts and key discussions on Arthurian subjects, from
post-Roman Britain to the most recent novels and films.

Daily Life in the Middle Ages
Written in a style that is accessible to junior-high-school students and up,
this book shows that life during the Middle Ages was neither as dark nor as
primitive as novels, movies, or earlier historians have depicted it. In seven
long chapters, the author, a lecturer on medieval history, analyzes "Eating
and Cooking," "Building and Housing," "Clothing and Dressing," "Fighting,"
"Healing." "Clothing and Dressing," for instance, has sections on fabrics,
clothing, fashions, and accessories.

Life in a Medieval Castle
Best place to start if you want to learn about medieval castles, how medieval castles came to be, the roles they served in medieval society, how military strategy through the middle ages centeredaround the castle, how their relevance declined with the changes in technology and the political scene that came with the late medieval period. Gives the reader a very clear picture of what life was like in and around the castle, from the nobility through to the staff needed to keep the castle running to the villagers at the bottom. Shows the various functions the castle staff needed to serve to keep things running smoothly, from chamberlains, chaplains, seneschals and stewards down to pantlers, haywards and reeves. Historical anecdotes used to show aspect of castle life, from the manner in which meals were served to the ways provisions were acquired in an era where money was by no means a common exchange, and how matters of jurisdiction often overlapped in problematic ways (a lord might have jurisdiction over a castle but not over the forest surrounding.

Medieval Celebrations: How to Plan  Weddings, and Reenactments
Detailed steps for re-creating an accurate medieval celebration Including
ideas for activities at Christmas, Easter, weddings, and parties.

Music for a Medieval Banquet

Fantasy and Medieval Mosaics for the Scroll Saw: Patterns
for Castles, Dragons, Knights, Unicorns

Medieval castles, armored knights, dragons, and crests
scroll saw projects included in this pattern-filled book.
Involves applying pattern to wood, cutting wood according
to pattern, painting and gluing them on plywood backing,
all is explained in these projects.

Create the scene to your very own fairytale - Perfect for a themed wedding - Halloween party or Renaissance fair.
Medieval Costumes
perfect for a themed wedding - Halloween party or
Renaissance fair
Bacara by Jennifer Taylor
Red Basket by Jennifer Taylor
Feiss Stirling Castle 14" High Wall Sconce Fixture
Gold Baroque Fleur de Lis Wall Mirror
The Lord Raffles Lion Throne Chair
Heraldic Royal Lions Coat of Arms Wall Sculpture
Heraldic Royal Lions Coat of Arms Wall Sculpture
The Lord Raffles Lion Throne Chair