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From Caterpillar to Butterfly
A caterpillar comes to school in a jar. The class watches the caterpillar each day as it grows and changes. Soon, it disappears into a hard shell called a chrysalis. Then the chrysalis breaks, and a beautiful butterfly flies out of the jar! This is a perfect beginner's guide to the mystery of metamorphosis.

Are You a Butterfly?
lead children to imagine themselves as small, familiar animals. Butterfly begins with the egg, followed by the caterpillar, the chrysalis, and the emergence of the butterfly As newly hatched butterflies, readers are reassured, "Your wings are crumpled. Don't worry." As spiders, they are warned, "If you catch a wasp in your web, don't try to eat it." The softly colored, realistic illustrations depict caterpillars/butterflies and spiderlings/spiders going about their daily lives, keeping step with the text, and the focus comes back to a group of children at the close. Small carps-the butterflies have a pair of parents; the spiders only a mother. Neither species is identified, and some spiders do not spin elaborate webs.

I Wish I Were a Butterfly
After the frog at the pond's edge tells him that he's ugly, the cricket of Swampswallow Pond loses his zest for life
and for singing. The glowworm and the ladybug try to persuade the cricket that he's just as good as the rest of them,
while the dragonfly declares, "Wishing is a waste of time." Finally, the Old One, a spider who lives on the other side
of the pond, spins a wise tale about the real beauty of friendship and convinces the cricket to sing again. Great for
children building self esteem.

The Life Cycles of Butterflies: From Egg to Maturity, a Visual Guide to 23 Common Garden Butterflies
butterflies that commonly visit gardens in the eastern states. The authors, a sibling team of butterfly and gardening enthusiasts, detail every phase of each species. Beginning with a chapter that looks at the basics of butterfly egg laying, the growth of caterpillars, metamorphosis, and butterfly behavior, the authors move to the heart of the book. With exquisite close-up photography, the eggs, caterpillars, chrysalids, and adults of 23 well-known butterflies are revealed. The reader is treated to the almost architectural forms of eggs; caterpillars that can be striped, spotted, spiny, or smooth; and chrysalids that may be ornamented with flecks of gold or camouflaged to resemble a dead leaf. Adult butterflies are depicted both with wings open and folded. A field notes section for each species supplies photos of host plants and nectar plants, a map of the breeding range, and a life-size silhouette. Book offers complete life cycle of butterflies

Butterfly, Butterfly
little girl spies a colorful butterfly and plays with it in the garden. The following day, she finds only a pink worm, a brown spider, a green beetle, a family of red ladybugs, an orange snail, three purple caterpillars, a blue dragonfly, and a yellow
bee. She lies down in the grass to wait and, suddenly, the butterfly flies into view. Children will be intrigued by the die-cut holes in some of the illustrations and, most of all, by the large
butterfly (the sole pop-up element in the book) that springs
outward toward the  reader from the last full spread. The sometimes
thickly layered acrylic paint creates interesting lines and textures in the
artwork, which results in a richer experience than can be found in
most picture books about colors.

Butterflies through Binoculars
open the world of butterflies - Bird watching has been popular for many
years, but now it's time for butterfly watching.

The Family Butterfly Book
How to raise butterflies in various ways, even how to catch butterflies in the wild and help them mate. learn how to properly hold a butterfly and how to hand feed them! Information about the plants, shrubs and trees that the caterpillars and butterflies need. There are so many detailed hints and tips such as what color clothing to wear when approaching butterflies in the wild, to not use fabric softener when approaching butterflies, and that the wooden butterfly boxes don't work as their sellers would have you believe. And did you know that butterflies would benefit from a water source in your yard? Project instructions for making a homemade butterfly net and a hanging butterfly cage.
Butterfly Grove specializes in nylon butterfly decor for all your decorating needs. Perfect for butterfly theme parties, showers, weddings, crafts, and spaces. We also offer nylon flowers, dragonflies, bees, and ladybugs.
Colorful Butterflies Mural Art Wallpaper Stickers
Butterfly Garden Themed Bedrooms - flower girls bedding - Girls rooms garden cottage decor.
Decorating with butterfly theme decor, ladybug decor
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butterfly theme bedroom design ideas - butterfly garden theme bedroom design ideas
Decorating a girls bedroom with birdhouse, frog pond,  butterfly bedding, - flowers - birds -  bee decor - dragonflies, fairies - cute flower bedding. - butterfly garden theme bedroom design ideas
Decorating with butterfly theme decor, ladybug decor
butterfly garden theme bedroom design ideas
Butterfly room decor girls bedroom with flowers
Decorating with butterfly theme decor, ladybug decor. Butterfly theme bedroom design ideas - girls butterfly theme bedroom ideas
Butterfly room decor girls bedroom with flowers
Butterfly room decor girls bedroom with flowers - btterfly garden theme bedroom design ideas
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butterfly garden theme bedroom design ideas
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Ladybugs Girls Bedroom Decor - flower girls bedding
flower garden theme bedrooms for girls
Girls bedrooms Ladybug, flowers, butterflies
Fun butterfly room decor ideas - butterfly bedroom decor
Bring sunshine into your little girls bedroom
and create a secret enchanted garden theme bedroom,  bathroom or playroom

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Decorate your walls with garden theme murals, picket fence stencils, flower stencils and fun picket fence party decorating props
variety of colors
Flower Alphabet Letters
nylon hanging butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, bees, daisy flowers
to  Hang these pretty butterfly decorations from the ceilings or attach to the walls to create a girls garden themed room.

Girls bedrooms Ladybug, flowers, butterflies - girls butterfly theme bedroom ideas
Wall monogram letter name stickers that just peel & stick for instant personalization. Each lower case letter is nicely accented with an image of a color matched Multi-Layered Daisy.

Decorate the floral garden bedroom with fun novelty throw pillow and rugs

Flower Bunch Switchplate Cover Room Decor
Where Butterflies Grow
For young children, there's no better way to introduce the world of science than through one of nature's miracles, and it is difficult to find a better example than in this wondrous story of birth and transformation. "Imagine you are someone small. . ." So begins the readers' journey as a tiny caterpillar embarking on one of life's odysseys. The story goes through the stages of growth as the egg evolves from birth to the glorious moment when the butterfly takes wing. In a field of lacy leaves, a small caterpillar hatches, grows, and sheds its skin, becoming a smooth, green creeper. It eats and changes some more, then in a sequence of remarkable close-ups, spins a sliken sling in which to pupate--until it finally bursts forth as a brilliant black swallowtail butterfly. Includes suggestions on how children can grow butterfiles in their own gardens.

Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly
Garden Theme Bedroom decorating ideas - Picket Fence stencils.
Picket Fence
- Flowers - Foliage
perfect for tracing, embossing, and stenciling, or combine techniques for dramatic effect. Add beautiful accents to walls, trim and fabric!
flowers - Foliage - perfect for tracing, embossing, and stenciling, or combine techniques for dramatic effect. Add beautiful accents to walls, trim and fabric! garden style bedroom ideas
Picket Fence - Flowers - Foliage - perfect for tracing, embossing, and stenciling, or combine techniques for dramatic effect. Add beautiful accents to walls, trim and fabric! Garden Theme Bedrooms

Green fluted crystal creates the petals of this flower knob. An acrylic pink faceted button forms the center of the flower
Sugar & Spice mural-Olivia Pink flower themed bedding
Sugar & Spice mural at murals your way
Girls bedrooms Ladybug, flowers, butterflies
Picket fence style furniture will fit into the outdoor theme  perfectly.
Dress your little girls bed with a unique bed canopy with pretty floral or
garden themed bedding, and accent the room with decorative cabinet knobs, framed
prints and posters, garden style murals and fun flower theme novelty decor accessories.
Decorate your little girls or tween girls bedroom
clouds on the ceiling, paint or stencil the
sun around the ceiling light.

Attach a picket fence to the wall and for
added fun add a novelty birdhouse with a
few plush birds and dragonflies.  Scatter fluttering butterflies, hang butterflies from the ceiling, dress
the windows with fun butterfly tie backs.

Decorate with lots of colorful flowers, eitherwall decal stickers or make your own paper flowers.
Monarch Butterfly Wall Vase Ibis & Orchid-garden theme bedroom decorations
butterfly lamp  - Fiber Optic Night Light The Color Changing Fiber Butterfly night light will give you hours of enjoyment. Great as a night light. Color Changing will reflect on the tip of the fiber wing. Just plug into to the wall socket and see it glows
Daisy Flower Pillows - Fun, colorful and soft daisy flower pillows to complete your room
glass butterflies-fun wall decorations butterflies wall decor
Just peel and stick and you'll have a breathtaking floral themed girl's room in minutes. Perfect for girls of every age, from babies to adults, this gorgeous floral wall sticker kit boasts a "handmade-paper-meets-wall-sticker" look that is truly unique and undeniably gorgeous. It is made from SafeClingTM, an innovative fabric adhesive material that is repositionable and layerable and won't stretch or tear and leaves no residue when removed from the walls. This flower garden mural kit contains: a 6-foot flowering tree wall stickers, 6 butterfly wall stickers, mouse wall sticker, 3 flying bird wall stickers, 3 perching bird wall stickers, sun wall sticker, watering can wall sticker, birdhouse wall sticker, dragonfly wall sticker, snail wall sticker, frog wall sticker, 4 bee wall stickers, 3 hollyhock wall stickers, 3 daisy wall stickers, 3 lily wall stickers, peacock wall sticker, and 3 cloud wall stickers.
Butterfly in a Jar lets you have your very own butterfly specimen without having to catch one! Driven by animatronics technology, this brilliant blue butterfly flutters and flaps in random motions, just like the real thing. Tap the jar in different patterns to watch the butterfly flit around to its heart's content. Kids will enjoy the "magical" movement of the creature, and adults will have fun fooling their friends. This Fake Butterfly in a Jar makes a great show-and-tell item -- at school or at dinner parties!
The buggy and beautiful wall sticker kit for your girl's room is ultra easy to apply. Just peel and stick and you'll have an instant gorgeous floral theme girl's room, full of enormous flower wall stickers and charming bugs. This floral garden wall sticker kit is perfect for girls of every age, from babies to adults, and looks as if it were made from handmade paper. Our wall stickers are made from SafeCling, an innovative fabric adhesive material that can be repositioned, layered, won't stretch or tear, and leaves no residue when removed from the walls. This bugs and flower garden mural sticker kit contains: 5 giant flower wall stickers, 2 mushroom wall sticker, 3 ladybug wall sticker, lady caterpillar wall sticker, gentleman caterpillar wall sticker, praying mantis wall sticker, grasshopper wall sticker, dragonfly wall sticker, rhino beetle wall sticker, snail wall sticker, bee wall sticker, butterfly wall sticker and 22 various grass blade wall stickers. Very easy. Very cute.
This brilliant chandelier will bring delight to your home with its butterfly beauty. Featuring pink and white butterflies this Butterfly Garden chandelier will attract looks and compliments.
Floral Butterfly - Vinyl Wall Decals Mural
Butterflies out of Butterfly and Butterfly Clock Dial Mirror Clock. Butterflies out of Butterfly and Butterfly Clock Dial Mirror Clock. Made from 3mm Thick Shatterproof Lightweight Safety Acrylic Mirror. Has the same reflection as a normal mirror. Comes with strong adhesive fixers.  Butterflies Out of Butterfly Mirror Pink - Has the same reflection as a normal mirror but with a pink tint
Surround your child in a soothing and tranquil environment with this delicate bedding adorned with beautiful butterflies in an array of colors. This artful asymmetrical design is set against a fresh white background and is highlighted by soft yellow and a sophisticated touch of black.
Set of 25 black flowers and snap-on tacks for 3-dimensional wall décor - Available in other mix and match colors: white, pink, sky blue, and kiwi. Beautifully simple and unmistakably dramatic, the black Wallflowers wall décor set from the home wizards at Umbra creates a stunning décor element with three-dimensional appeal. Crafted from molded polypropylene with a pretty outward curve, each of the 25 flowers in the set includes a snap-on tack backing, so that the flower pushes easily into the wall and stays put. The generous number in the set makes it possible to design borders, groupings, and graceful sprays on the wall or to dot an entire room with accents.
reate your own centerpiece bouquet with these Vintage Girl Tissue Paper Flowers from Martha Stewart Crafts
Butterfly Headboard Mural 3' wide . Create a new room with all matching butterfly wall decals
charming lavender rose garden drum shade, this pretty lamp would be perfect in a glamorous powder room or little girls bedroom. The embellished shade sits atop a slender crystal base. Your little girl will be sure to feel like a princess with the Cinderella Chandelier from Jubilee Collection lighting up her room! This gorgeous chandelier will make the perfect kid's lighting option to your kid's room or nursery.
Butterflies Cutouts - Customize walls, furniture, tiles, frames, lamp shades and crafts with the hand painted look of these butterfly Wallies
Butterflies Cutouts
Pattern Number  IS3370
Customize walls, furniture,  shades and crafts with the hand painted look of these butterfly Wallies.
unique kids rugs.
decorative hardware
vivid looking butterflies are great decorations for home, office, retail shop or wedding ceremonies.
Set hearts aflutter! Great for a bedroom or playroom

Butterfly Light Sets - Plug in this wonderfully bright and colorful strand of 10 fiber optic butterfly lights for a lovely decorative display. String it along a door or wall or wrap it around your favorite plant and enjoy their delicate beauty.
Victorian Red and Pink Rose String Lights 
Beautifully elegant pink, plum and deep red/ burgundy rose lights are perfect for your outdoor tea or garden party.
Light up your garden bedroom with fun novelty flower and bugs theme string lights
3D Bedding-fun bedding 3d style
Butterfly Print 4 Piece Cotton Bedding Sets
Transform your princess's room into a magical butterfly wonderland with this Butterfly Bed Tent. This canopy frames a twin bed and comes decorated with 18 glittery butterflies in all colors and sizes.
A fanciful dream bed that will make your daydreamer feel like they’re in butterfly world. For more than 40 years Corsican Furniture has manufactured iron furniture and accessories with a commitment to quality and attention to detail. Our skilled craftsmen uphold a tradition of handcrafted beauty, personal care and attention to detail. Be the possessor of this discriminating art scrolled Iron Bed
fun and fluffy creation for the young and the young at heart -  Butterfly Rug
create a magical butterfly garden in your bedroom with fun butterfly themed decorations
Home Sweet Home Bunk Bed
theme beds at  at ababy
Just try and imagine the sweet and wonderful dreams your daughters will have when going to sleep in this delightful Home Sweet Home Bunk Bed. This unique Maryville Collection bed is a beautiful space saving solution for your children who want to enjoy a home of their within the four walls of their bedroom. Included in this special "little house" is an all-purpose nightstand, sturdy bookcase and a built in toy bin. Choose from the attractive and feminine choices of the standard paint design or your own custom color and painting ideas. We'd be more then excited to hear your ideas and to fill your fancies!
Sugar and spice and everything nice... that is what girls are made of. . . And their bedrooms should be, too. As a young girl grows up, it is important that her bedroom grows with her. It should be a getaway, a place where her imagination can flourish, and a warm and welcoming environment where she can express herself. Created especially for every girl who loves to imagine, Delta Enterprise's Dollhouse Storage Headboard turns any young girl's bedroom into a life-sized dollhouse. Bright and vibrant flowers and butterflies adorn this colorful 100% cotton quilt. Adora features pink, blue, fuchsia, peach and apple green with white polka dots in a lively collage. Reverses to a coordinating colorful stripe for two looks in one
variety of floral bedding
at bedding inn
Dollhouse Bed-Dollhouse Bed-garden theme wallpaper mural
Pink Garden wall mural  at magic murals
create a magical garden in your room with theme beds, butterfly and flower themed decorations
Dollhouse Bed - KidKraft Bedroom Furniture
Window Curtain Rod, 28 to 48-Inch, Purple
Window Curtain Rod,  Pink
Set of 3 Butterfly Wall Hangings
Mariposa in Gossip Girl  3D Decorative Butterflies Removable Wall Art Sticker For Home Decor And Wedding Party Decoration
Butterfly and Purple Flower Print Duvet Cover Sets
Purple Butterfly Print 4-Piece Duvet Cover Sets
Charming Pink Rose and Butterfly 4-Piece Polyester Duvet Cover Sets
Modern Style Beautiful Butterfly Design Wall Clock
Modern Style Beautiful Butterfly Design Wall Clock
search at bedding inn
Birds Butterfly Bedding Set
Rose Butterfly bedding
Bohemian Green Butterfly Duvet Cover Set
Curtain Tulle Panel Butterfly Valance
Butterflies Design Flush Mount
lighting at bedding inn home decor
Butterfly Lane Flowers And Bugs Baby Nursery Girls Lamp Base & Shade