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Garden Theme Bedrooms DIY decorating ideas
A Garden Theme can work in any room of the home

Here are a few DIY Projects and decorating ideas to further help you create a fun garden theme in your bedroom, playroom, bathroom, study, and looks especially great in a laundry.
Create a colorful theme suitable for little girls, and baby  girls, bold style for  teen girls and
country cottage shabby chic style for the adults.
Filled with colorful flowers, fairies, butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies, bees  and trees, grass and shrubs.
And not forgetting the boys  ... create a fun

outdoor treehouse, bugs and critters, cats and dogs style bedroom,
or combine the bugs and critters with flowers and butterflies themes for children sharing bedrooms.
Garden Theme Bedrooms
Garden Theme Bedrooms DIY
Garden Style Decorating
Helps readers create garden rooms in every room of the house and bring the outside inside year-round. This inspiring book is a wonderful guide for incorporating the pleasure of nature and garden accessories into a welcoming home decor. advice on how to accent plant life with bright patterned rugs, glass topped tables, or wicker chairs. Also included are ideas for kitchens and living rooms "inspired" by garden style.  Uncover whimsical, country, cottage, mountain, old world, British Colonial, and a bounty of other styles that are adapted to the nature lovers vision of tranquility or fun. Four sections: "Creating Fresh-AirSpaces" (decorating porches, patios, decks, potting sheds, and outdoor rooms), "Bringing the Outdoors In" (decorating every room in the house, even foyers, powder rooms, and nurseries), "Living the Garden Life" (profiles of garden style from Connecticut to California in urban, suburban, and rural settings), and "Sources and Inspirations" (top resources in every region for decorative furnishings, accessories, and plants).

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Use an old window frame
Paint a sky/clouds/garden/any scene you like, or use a poster, on a thin board as the backing for the fake window, attach to the wall.
Use half pots from the craft store, fill with silk plants glue to the frame.
Hang curtains, swags..

garden style window decorating ideas
garden style window decorating ideas

* old wrought iron garden gates work well as headboards also

another fun idea - attach a trellis and a birdhouse with a few plush birds

* or a birdhouse on each bed post
* floral garden arch

* also ... attach a garden arch to the wall and decorate with silk vines and flowers

* get creative with garden themed wall mural stickers or paint and stencil your own idea

1. Remove the roof from the bird house.
    Drill a small hole through the floor centre of the house.
    Drill a hole in the centre  of a wooden rod.
    Screw the floor of the birdhouse onto the end of the rod
2. Replace the roof, securing with wood glue and nails.

variety of Birdhouses click here
    Garden Arch & Flower Props click here
    Garden Themed Stencils click here
Picket Fence wall decal stickers make great  Headboards
girls garden theme bedroom decorating ideas

Self adhesive 
animal decals apply to the walls(indoors or /outdoors, even in the shower - wall stickups walls of the wild
Stone Wall Patio and Wall Stencil
Create stone feature walls

Stone Wall Patio and Wall Stencil
Floral Window Accent: Get creative with your wall décor! This faux window is a great way to brighten a blank wall space. Made of wood, it's bursting with colorful fabric blooms

Tree and grass wall mural stickers
picket fence, this charming wall sculpture features beautiful flowers and hummingbirds. Flowers, vines and hummingbirds are made of sculpted resin and painted in delicate colors

Get creative and attach a door-sized mirror to the wall.
Place a trellis archway in front of it.
Decorate the trellis with colorful
silk plants.
Scatter a few toy garden bugs.
Hang an assortment of pots, each pot can hold brushes, hair clips, bows, etc.
* Novelty Mailbox

* Paint a flower pot of each
  letter of the childs name

* Glue craft half pots to the wall

* Fill the pots with cute plush
   flowers or silk flowers

* Make a clothes line and peg
  childrens artwork up

Paint a tree  - add hooks -
  and hang
plush birds and bugs

* Cut a birdhouse in half, attach
   to the wall, or in the tree.
   Make a birds nest from craft

* A childs wheelbarrow for toy
   and book storage
Secret Garden Kit comes with the lights and ivy shown or opt to purchase just the Garden Gate.  Either makes a beautiful entrance to your party. The garden gate is made of black metal . Journey into a gorgeous garden when you step through this breathtaking entrance
big life-like stuffed grasshopper
unique plush creations -
Over The Door Arch Style Trellis in Antique Brown-garden themed bedding

Picket Fence Border 
Trim You Tables or Walls

Our borders are perfect accents for tables, doors, walls, and floors. The easy-to-handle rolls are available in a variety of designs and colors. (They are colored on one side only.) Our Picket Fence Border comes in white or black. 18" x 25’ roll.
Picket Fence Border   -  Lattice Border
Shindigz Party Props
Lattice Border 
Trim You Tables or Walls

Our borders are perfect accents for tables, doors, walls, and floors. The easy-to-handle rolls are available in a variety of designs and colors. (They are colored on one side only.) Our Lattice Border comes in white or black. 12" x 25’ roll.
A picket fence indoors? Absolutely! It's the best way to attract fairies and butterflies to your child's room. Made of sturdy pine, our cheery white Picket Fence hangs on the wall like a frame where imaginations can grow (set of two 36-1/2" x 28" x 1" panels). What lies beyond? A colorful, captivating child's garden created with our repositionable Garden Fairy Wall Stickers. Set includes three 7" fairy stickers and six 6" butterfly stickers (some with 3-D wings), stem and leaf stickers, and six big nylon flowers
Brighten up any room of your house with a hanging basket of realistic fabric roses with a strand of 7 LED lights.
A bounty of delightful daisies help bring a touch of Spring into your home. Choose garland or set of 2 corners, each is accented with faux greenery and LED lights. Garland is perfect on a mantel or over a window, and the corners look terrific around a window or door.
Add a springtime flourish to a doorway, window, mirror or artwork. Two realistic ivy corners are trimmed with colorful butterflies and color-changing LED lights
Light up any room with a hanging basket full of springtime loveliness. Realistic daisies are beautifully arranged and come with a string of white, battery-powered LED lights
Floral Corner Decorations  Dress up a window, border a doorway or decorate a mirror with this 2-piece lighted corner set. With pretty pink roses and realistic greenery, these fantastic faux flowers feature LED lights for a touch of sparkle. Hooks on back for easy hanging
Dress up a window, border a doorway or decorate a mirror
Secret Garden Gate
garden party decorating props at shindigz
Garden Lights
Lamp Post Illuminate your romantic garden with this exquisite lamp post. The 7' high x 1' wide plastic lamp post features intricate detailing and corrugated "granite" base. Plug it in to illuminate. Trellis Set Journey into a gorgeous garden when you step through this breathtaking entrance. Three 8' high x 5' wide metal trellises are covered with romantic ivy and twinkle lights
Garden Style
Garden style is the art of decorating your home with the themes, colors, textures, and patterns found in the broad world of the living garden. Evoking the feel of a garden in your home helps create a
relaxed atmosphere that balances and calms the hectic pace of modern life. Perhaps this is why
garden style is one of the most popular and fastest growing of personal decorating trends. On of the
beauties of garden style is that it can be as highly structured as a formal garden or as wonderfully
random as a country meadow. Garden style can also exist alongside other decorating schemes.
Whether your home is decorated in modern eclectic or French colonial,

Garden House: Bringing the Outdoors In
Gardenhouse is about blending the two - inviting the outdoors in and creating rooms that bring us
closer to the joys of nature. this book offers inspirational ideas for revisioning the home with a
gardener's eye. A selection of aromatic herbs placed beside the bathtub will perfume morning showers. Potted plants and a bistro table by a window evoke a sunny outdoor cafe. A hammock hung in a quiet corner makes an ideal spot to nap. Each room in the garden house offers a bright, restorative space that is as simply beautiful as it is airy and refreshing, a stunning birch log with branches as a coat rack, an outdoor swing on an indoor porch, a rustic potting bench as a kitchen enhancement. Room by room, she takes the reader through a multitude of inventive fantasies that can be realized and created by a person living in a hilltop mansion in the country or a walk-up studio apartment in the heart of a bustling, crowded urban center.

New Cottage Style
numerous photographs to illustrate how to create a cottage look, with examples of window
treatments, flooring, and wall coverings, as well as individual examples of various cottage styles
from beach house to mountain cabin.

Garden Style Projects
simple, affordable projects will motivate every homeowner to bring a fresh garden motif inside or decorate a fresh-air room for easy comfort. There are dozens of practical, doable ideas for furniture, finishes, fabrics, accessories and more. In a chapter titled "Fresh-air Living," there are instructions on making draperies for a porch overlooking a garden, on refurbishing a deck, and on making a bubbling fountain. "The Garden Inside" offers advice on making "summery" slipcovers, on finding affordable collectibles with garden motifs, and on decorating a room with a garden theme. There are instructions on redesigning a work space (inspiration should come from the formal gardens of England and France) and on making pillows, a headboard (it looks like a picket fence), and a "birdbath" table. There are tips on creating art from dried herbs, on decorating a watering can, on collecting birdhouses, on "aging" outdoor ornaments, on creating a miniature garden, and on planting pots of fast-growing grass seed to use as centerpieces. And that's just a start; there are many more decorating ideas to keep garden enthusiasts busy year-round.

Garden Style Ideas - Better Homes & Gardens
Garden style decorating blooms year-round whether you live in the Sun Belt, Midwest, Canada, or
in areas in between. Garden Style Ideas, featuring more than 130 lush photographs, shows you
how to bring the garden indoors and how to embellish outdoor living spaces such as the front
porch, back deck, sunroom, and gazebo. Rooms throughout the house come alive with patterns
and textures inspired by nature, use of actual garden elements, and good light. Forty-two projects
with complete materials lists and step-by-step instructions make this fresh-air look doable and
affordable. You'll find stylish treatments for windows, walls, furniture, and accessories using fabric,
paint, decoupage, stenciling, and other techniques

Garden Room Style
With elements from both indoors and out, a garden room serves as a link between house and
garden. No longer limited to the Victorian-style sun room, these glassed-in spaces can be kitchens
or dining rooms, studios, small studies or garden retreats, even entire homes-in short, virtually any
area that receives plenty of natural light.

Picket Fence Headboard Wall Decal
Headboard Wall Decal picket fence
Picket Fence with Flowers Wall Stencil
Picket Fence Wall Stickers